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14 Acre certified naturally grown sustainable farm in Lula, Georgia. Focusing on our certified naturally grown outside gardens, cold frames, and an 1100 square foot walapini. Including a 50 tree orchard (Asian pear, Asian chestnut, plum, apple, peach, fig, and cherry trees,multiple berry bushes( blueberry, blackberry, both wild and thorn less, grapes, black and red raspberries, Muscadine, and scuppernongs. We have already dabbled in and successfully maintained an aquaponic and hydroponic systems. We continue to use the hydroponic system.

On the 14 acres, we are grateful to sell with Athens Locally Grown and to Jaemor Farm, Betty’s Country Store, Private individuals, Fresh Harvest Georgia, consumers in Atlanta, and Farm to Table in Habersham.

We believe in following an organic and holistic method and practice with non pesticide consuming and growing. Our hydroponic systems are treated with seabird guano and kelp, but are not considered certified naturally grown. Our certified naturally grown gardens and orchard area is treated with cold pressed neem oil, liquid fish, and liquid seaweed. We have zero % food waste out on the property and make an conscious effort to always eat fresh in season and prepare our crops for storage, by fermenting, canning, dehydrating, and baking. What we do not consume goes to the chickens or into compost to transfer back into the outside garden, beds, and orchard. We do not use an abundance of ingredients in recipes. We believe in being able to read, feel safe, and understand what we consume.

Preserving all of our fruits and vegetables are a way of life for us, being a vegetarian/vegan for 30 years aides in knowing how to incorporate fresh locally grown produce from our farm or other locally grown farmers into any meal or recipe. This is such a great way to know where your food is coming from. If I must go to a natural store to retrieve recipe additions, the consumer will know exactly where it comes from.

Jeff has always had dreams of being a farmer and building his walapini. Slowly, he is achieving his goal and with the aide of others conscious of eating local aides in his progression.

My children have eaten and lived a healthy lifestyle since birth and as adults, they appreciate an organic and natural lifestyle. I was fortunate enough to be a stay at home mother to ensure a healthy lifestyle and I am fortunate enough to be able to stay at home now to ensure a continued healthy life for my sons, other family members, and friends as well as making a conscious effort to extend that to the Athens and Atlanta(my home) community.

We look forward to working with Locally Grown and become a part of community growers and farms.
Cottage License # 2794840
Candling License # 8568
Food Handler License # 1885053
UGA Better Processing School 11-11-15 with classified product 2-11-16


Susan Staci Sprayberry and Jeffrey C. Baker
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