Leslie's Garden Dream

I would like to sell dog treats that I make from scratch. They do not use any ingredients from China, and as many ingredients as I can purchase from locally grown. I currently sell these through Northeast Georgia Locally Grown, and would like to add Athens.

I started making these because we have 6 dogs and one that is allergic to everything it seems. As I looked for dog treats I found that most of them are from China these days, except of course the ones at locally grown. I use as many organic ingredients as possible. The flours, oatmeal, brown rice, and garbanzo bean, are Bob’s Red Mill, but not organic. If I get enough orders, and can buy in bulk, that might change. Right now it’s just not cost effective.

I have been a customer of Athens Locally Grown for a number of years now, and a customer and seller of Northeast Georgia Locally Grown.

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