Flat Creek Lodge

Website: www.flatcreeklodge.com

Flat Creek Lodge is a resort nestled in reclaimed timberland in Southeast Georgia. Unlike other Southern resorts, we charm our visitors with not only the idyllic property, but also with our onsite Farm and Dairy where we craft artisanal cheeses and grow fresh artful oyster mushrooms and sweet berries.
Our Dairy and Farm work to maintain respectful interaction with the local ecology. One of our innovative sustainable procedures is the use of a pasteurized medium in which we grow our mushrooms. This substance is made from recycled material and farm waste. Moreover, our Dairy is home to an all-Jersey herd, which allows us to produce exceptional quality cheeses. Jersey milk is generally accepted as being the best milk in the world, which leads to the best cheese. Additionally, since we repeatedly use the same milk from only our cows, we know that each batch of cheese aging in our cave will maintain consistency, and for Flat Creek Lodge cheeses, that means consistently delicious.

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