Broad River Pastures


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Broad River Pastures is an 11 acre family-owned heritage farm in Elbert County, established in 2010. We are proud members of Georgia Organics.

We raise rare heritage livestock, pastured eggs from chickens and ducks fed a soy-free ration, whole pastured lamb, whole pastured pork, and frozen rabbit meat. We make our own compost, fortify with minerals, and strive for nutrient-dense products. We also have wool fiber, hides, and furs from selected livestock. No chemicals, herbicides,or non-OMRI approved pesticides are used on the farm. Our primary insect controls include the use of poultry, providing habitat for beneficial insects, and importing beneficial insects. We are registered annually with the state as an exempt organic producer for our vegetables, pecans, and herbs. This is an option for producers selling less than $5,000 of produce per year, and we self-certify.

Our livestock consist of rare, American heritage breeds. We focus on breed preservation and improvement. Our meat sales come from the “culls” who do not contribute to that end. We breed American Guinea Hogs, Gulf Coast Native sheep, and American rabbits.

We believe in nutrient-dense food for best health and grow our products with this end in mind. Our methods are eclectic, and we include permaculture principles, biodynamic compost, biointensive double dug beds, and eco-agriculture.

Our poultry roam all day on pasture. They supplement their soy-free feed with lots of fresh grass and bugs. They thrive on sunshine, well water, dust baths, and socializing with the flock. The ducks have a small pond to enjoy. At night everyone is tucked into bed in their cozy coops. They are guarded by our two Livestock Guardian Dogs and an English Shepherd.

Our pastured hogs and sheep are rotationally grazed and frequently moved to distribute manure, avoid over consumption of parasites, and evenly graze pasture grasses. The result is healthier livestock, healthier pasture, and richer soil. The improved microbiology is evidenced by changes in beneficial organisms, water retention, and soil testing.

Visitors to the farm are welcome by appointment.

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