Gooneybush Dairy

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Milk is available for purchase at the farm almost everyday of the week. Please call 770-815-3000 for availability.

We are a family farm producing raw goat milk which is licensed under a Georgia state commercial feed license. It is labeled for pet consumption. The goats eat a feed ration that is formulated for milk producing animals(which is unmedicated), beet pulp (for extra carbs), black oil sunflower seeds (for fat), minerals, alfalfa hay and unlimited pasture grasses and foliage. The goats are withdrawn from the sales line during periods of illness or when medications are necessary. We provide no daily or routine types of medications or hormones. We simply feed them, love them and milk them. We schedule annual worming and vaccination during pregnancy – prior to milk production. The herd is inspected each October by the state veterinarian and tested each June for common herd diseases and diseases which can be transmitted through milk. The goats receive regular care from our personal vet. We milk into a closed system using a grade A quality machine, the milk is packaged in food-grade containers with safety caps and quick-chilled in a cold water bath before refrigeration.

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