Long Shot Farms

Website: http://itsalongshot.com/

We are new to farming and have a small farm in Oglethorpe County. Last year we grew vegetables for ourselves but will grow more this year and would like to sell some of them.
We have planted a blueberry orchard and it is now ready for “pickin”. This year we will be open on weekends.

We also planted more asparagus with the help of the volunteers during farmer for a day! Heirloom tomatoes are growing fast and should be ready soon. The onions have been harvested and are ready to eat. We decided on Texas Legend onions as they are a mild onion and not a hybrid.

Our nine Khaki Campbell ducks are consistently laying. They get to roam the farm during the day and their eggs are a golden color. They spend most of their days swimming in the pond.

It is very rewarding!

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