Sleepy Valley Farm

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Sleepy Valley Farm is a fourth generation family farm located in Oconee County, Georgia. Right now we are specializing in natural eggs from cage-free chickens, but are looking to expand into other ventures.

We have about forty hens that live in two large fenced areas. We keep our chickens fenced in the large areas to protect them from the various domestic and wild predators that live with and around us. In addition to the all natural feed and greens that we give them, our happy chickens eat the bugs and plants they find around them. We have a variety of chicken breeds that lay various shades of brown eggs and a few green eggs, often all the way through the winter. Unfortunately, some wildlife (raccoons) recently downsized our flock. The wildlife was forcibly relocated to new home areas far from the hens. However, it means fewer eggs now, which means we will be delivering eggs to the market every other week, instead of every week.

We are certified by the state of Georgia as an Egg Candler to make sure the eggs we sell are of the highest quality. Our eggs are chlorine free because we use well water and an all natural enzyme wash for our eggs to make sure they are clean and healthy for all. We use no chemicals, antibiotics, hormones, or additives in the raising of our chickens or the processing of our eggs.

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