Darby Farms

Website: www.darbyfarmsga.com

Daniel Dover started Darby Farms 7 years ago to cure his body and mind of constant fatigue and depression after a life time of eating dead food and 2 1/2 years of being a vegetarian/vegan. So utilizing 3 acres of pasture owned by his wife’s family in Monroe, GA, Daniel resolved to feed himself, family, friends and neighbors with nutrient dense foods . First starting with a market garden, moving next to laying hens and finally to meat chickens on those 3 acres Daniel learned the thrill and excitement of growing your own food and its tribulations.

The Farm now leases a house with 50+ acres of pasture and mixed hard wood and pine with hopes of negotiating more. For 2014 Darby Farms plans to raise 500 laying hens, 18,000 meat type chicken, duck and turkey, 150 pigs, 30 head of sheep and a few head of cattle.

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