Red Barn Farm

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My garden, like many others on here, is a recent upstart. I practice organic methods for building soil and use no pesticides at all. I have had great luck producing beautiful produce and soon flowers too using naturally growing legume compost and frequent cover crops as my primary soil amendments. I also have two pigs and two pygmy goats near the garden that contribute to my constant soil building efforts through their digesting of garden scraps and as much gathered wild grown legumes as can be thrown at them (only 120days mature manure compost near the plants). To fulfill my personal mission of providing local food with minimal energy investment, the garden is dug entirely by hand, no fossil fuels (other than those used to sustain me indirectly), and the garden is watered entirely by rain and ground water mined by the plants themselves. And I’ve recently acquired a bicycle trailer to replace the small amount of driving I was doing to bring the harvest to market.

The location is an old cow pasture off Lexington road, near the airport. Its unassuming, entirely horticultural and coming as close to sustainable as I can imagine without composting the vegetables’ consumers’ own waste onsite.

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