Wolf Creek Soaps

Mark is a University of Georgia graduate with a degree in Agriculture and and has been an organic gardener for over 10 years. Using this interest Mark researched and developed soaps that use nature to help with insect problems.

Mark researched the insect deterring properties of essential oils and has used them in combination with other plant extracts to formulate a soap that provides insect control without harming the fruit or vegetables. The finished product, like all of our other soaps, are non-toxic and will not harm the environment. We have received a lot of positive feedback from farmers and individuals that use “organic” growing principals on their farms. We are currently experimenting on fire ants and have been pleased with our results so far.

We have a liquid pet shampoo that uses essential oils that are known for their insect deterring properties along with olive oil and other plant oils to leave the animal’s coat feeling very soft without drying their skin. Some of our customers with have said that this shampoo has been the best they have used on their sensitive skinned animals because it does not contain any chemicals that can produce an allergic reaction.

We are currently developing an insect deterring body spray along with lotions and hand salve in the very near future.

We are currently sellers of these as well as our other soap products at the Madison County Farmers Market.

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